The Sharm El Sheikh Film Festival Prepares to Convene at a New Date

The Sharm El Sheikh Festival expressed its appreciation for the understanding by film makers in Egypt and internationally for the reasons for postponement of the Festival which had been supposed to convene on June 25. This has been postponed to a later date which is yet to be determined by the Egyptian Ministry of Culture.

The Head of the Sharm El Sheikh Festival Gamal Zayda said that the repertory of films to be shown at the Festival has been set, and that the Ukraine will be the guest of honour at this year’s festival.

Ashraf Sarhan the Artistic Director of the Festival said that the 26 countries participating in the Festival have been informed of the reasons for the delay, mainly, the restrictions related to Covid 19 which have affected travel related to the UK, France and other European countries.

He added that delegations have been invited to the Festival from Italy Russia, Serbia, the Ukraine, the Balkans, Syria, Morocco, Lebanon and Tunisia. He added that at a time when similar venues the world over have either been postponed or suspended due to the coronavirus pandemic, Egypt has been keen to resume the full spectrum of cultural activities , despite the current circumstances.

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