The fourth edition of  Sharm El Sheikh Festival will focus on   how the cinema industry reflected the Covid 19 pandemic ,and how humanity faced the crises dealing with different aspects of the film industry.

Sharm El Sheikh  Film Festival’s Fourth Edition team is :

Gamal Zayda , president of the festival

Mr Zayda also heads of the Noon Foundation for Culture and Arts as well as being a political affairs columnist at Al Ahram Newspaper and former correspondent for Al Ahram Newspaper in Canada.
He also headed the first and second editions of the Sharm El Sheikh Festival.

Festival Coordinator Ashraf Sarhan

Egyptian actor and director
He works at the Russian channel Russia Today RT in which he is presenting a very popular program .
He won numerous awards in Russia over his contribution to television field

Executive Director Sami Mohamed Ali


Financial Director Fahmy Fouad

Abeer Soliman , Assistant to president of the festival

Gamal Zayda

heads of the Noon Foundation for Culture and Arts

Ashraf Sarhan

Artistic Director

Sami Mohamed Ali

Executive Director

Fathy Soliman

Arts Director Vice

Fahmy Foad

Financial Director

Abeer Soliman

Assistant of the President