4Th Sharm El Sheikh Film Festival Regulations

Sharm El Sheikh Film Festival (SSFF) is an annual film festival organized by Noon Foundation for Culture and Arts under the supervision and support of the Ministry of Culture and with strong support of other official and private organizations in Egypt
Article 1:

The festival aims to stimulate artistic cinematic production among young artists and filmmakers, and to enhance cinematic awareness and introduce the distinguished cinematic and audiovisual works in Egypt and the world.

Article 2:

The 4th SSFF will be held during the period from June 25 –July 1st, 2021under the theme “Cinema for a world facing Coronavirus and Disasters”.** This edition of the festival is dedicated to the director Dawood Abdel Sayed”.

Article 3:

A selection committee comprised of distinguished critics and filmmakers will select among the submitted films supervision of the festival’s president and artistic director.

 Article 4:

Sections of the Festival:

  • Official Competition of Long Films (Fiction – Documentary)
  • Official Competition of Short Films (Fiction – Documentary – Animation)
  •  Out of competition
  • An Eye on Caribbean Cinema
  •  Tributes:
  •  Egyptian figure
  •  Arab figure
  • International figure

Article 5:

  • The Festival artistic office selects the Juries who are composed of prominent cinematic International and Egyptian personalities.
  • All Jury members must not have any professional relation or contributed to the making of any of the films participating in the festival competitions.

Article 6:


** International Competition

1- The GOLD DJED Pillar for best film to be awarded to the producer and the director.
2- The Jury Special Prize ,The SILVER DJED awarded to the director
3- The BRONZE DJED Pillar will be awarded to the director of the best 1st or 2nd film.
4- The Prize for Best Best Actor
5- The Prize for Best Actress
6- The FIPRESCI Award will be awarded to a film in the international competition.

** Short Films

1- The Golden Prize for The Best Short Film awarded to the director and special certificate for the producer.
2- The SILVER Prize, awarded to the director and special certificate for the producer.
3- Prize for Student Films.

** Arab Films Prizes:

1- The Golden Prize for best Arabic Film
2- The Silver Prize Golden Prize for best Short Arabic Film
3- The Prize for Best Actor
4- The Prize for Best Actress

Article 7:

** All selected films should be sent in high quality in the language of the country of production with English subtitles by courier (Without commercial value and for cultural purposes only), no later than June 10, 2021, at the address: Noon Foundation for Culture and the Arts -.18 Hoda Shaarawi Street – Third Floor – Cairo – Arab Republic of Egypt

** The selected films for the festival must send the following publicity materials:
– Three stills
– Synopsis
– Poster
– The director’s biography and personal photo
– Trailer in HD resolution
– Film Credits.

Article 8:
General Conditions

– All films should be submitted in the language of the country of production with English subtitles.
– No film to be withdrawn from the festival program after its selection and until the closing of the festival.
– The long film duration is not less than 60 min.
– Films must have been produced in 2020-2021
– Films must not have been shown in Egyptian festivals or cinemas prior to festival’s dates.
– The deadline for submissions through the festival’s online form is 15th May, 2021.
– Each participating film at the festival will be screened no more than 3times

Article 9:

• The festival shall preserve the copies of received films from the day of arrival until their reshipment.
• All above conditions and dates are mandatory.
• The Festival will bear the shipping charges from the source of the print to Cairo and the cost of reshipping within two weeks of the closing of the festival. The festival will also bear the cost of storage, insurance, and transportation, in Cairo
• The festival will ensure insurance coverage of the film copy upon arrival at Cairo International airport and until its reshipment. In the event of film loss, the festival’s responsibility is limited to the value of 250 $ for a digital copy. Any loss claims must be sent to the festival within one month of the closing of the festival or the claim might be rejected by the insurance company.
• The submission of a film to the festival and signature of the submission form means that the producer or company submitting the film accepts all of the aforementioned regulations and conditions of the festival.
Article 10:

• The festival president is the only person authorized to clarify any matter not clarified in these regulations
• The festival management reserves the right to act as it sees fit on any matter not addressed by these regulations.
• These regulations were issued in Arabic then translated to English and French and they are subject to Egyptian law an in case of conflicting interpretations, the Arabic version will prevail.